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The nature of nurture

Are there certain periods in a child′ s development when he or she may be more sensitive to specific environmental influences than at earlier or later times? Are preschool teachers equally nurturant to securely attached versus insecurely attached children? Are girls more …

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Theoretical problems and perspectives

This talk tries to summarise where we are now, in the "nature and nurture" questions in galaxy formation and evolution, and briefly describe unsolved problems, and perspectives of progress.

Taking the 'vs.' out of nature vs. nurture

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Nature vs. Nurture

The authors consider the implications of the longstanding nature vs. nurture debate. Racial intolerance is often predicated on the assumption that racial differences are biological and immutable. The authors challenge those assumptions by arguing that the most important distinctions between people are sociological and are therefore modifiable. Also, historically noteworthy achievements are the result of six sociological success factors (Preparation, Adversity, Innovation, Obstinacy, Serendipity and Notoriety) rather than the innate superiority of one group or another.

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Gender, nature, and nurture

This engaging text presents the latest scientific findings on gender differences, similarities, and variations--in sexuality, cognitive abilities, occupational preferences, personality, and social behaviors. The impact of nature and nurture on gender is examined from the …

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Structures in galaxies: nature versus nurture. Input from theory and simulations

Galaxies, in particular disc galaxies, contain a number of structures and substructures with well defined morphological, photometric and kinematic properties. Considerable theoretical effort has been put into explaining their formation and evolution, both analytically and with numerical simulation...

Nature vs. Nurture: The invasion of the mass media

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Nature vs. nurture.

This article provides a description of a number of topics related to genetics and psychology in order to facilitate a greater understanding of the nature vs. nurture debate. The article describes the types of psychological traits and behaviors that are studied by the field of behavior genetics, includes a brief review of human genetics, and provides an overview of the basic behavior genetic findings that are relevant to psychological traits. The text highlights the importance of the interplay of genetic and environmental factors, while reviewing the research methods that behavior geneticists use to simultaneously study environmental and genetic factors. Finally, the article addresses some of the social concerns surrounding behavior genetic research. The text stresses the need to study how genetic and environmental factors act and interact to influence psychological traits.

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The nature and nurture of design ability

Understanding the nature of design ability can better enable design educators to nurture its development in their students. Such understanding has been promoted by a wide variety of studies of design activity and designer behaviour. From a review of these studies, design …

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Origin of the Cosmic Network: Nature vs Nurture

None The large-scale structure of the Universe, as traced by the distribution of galaxies, is now being revealed by large-volume cosmological surveys. The structure is characterized by galaxies distributed along filaments, the filaments connecting in turn to form a percolating network. Our objectiv...

The Scarlet Letter: Nature vs. Nurture

The article focuses on the importance of place and how it informs the narrative in The ScarletLetter. Each major place is considered: the town, the governor’s mansion, and the forest. Examining thecharacters of the novel and their response to nature and culture shows how they identify and react to theirmoral identity. The juxtaposition of characters like Pearl, Hester Prynne, Dimmesdale, Mr. Wilson, andtheir varied surroundings offers unique critical study. By looking at how we respond to place, we can cometo a greater understanding of the contrast and comparison of nature versus culture and ultimately how wedefine each.

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The interaction of nature and nurture

The articles published by the Annals of Eugenics (1925–1954) have been made available online as an historical archive intended for scholarly use. The work of eugenicists was often pervaded by prejudice against racial, ethnic and disabled groups. The online publication of …

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Shell Galaxies, Dynamical Friction, and Dwarf Disruption

Using N-body simulations of shell galaxies created in nearly radial minor mergers, we investigate the error of collision dating, resulting from the neglect of dynamical friction and of gradual disruption of the cannibalized dwarf.

Nature vs. Nurture vs. NASA.

The article discusses a yearlong study by U.S. National Aeronautics & Space Administration (NASA) scientists on the effect of space travel on human health, during which identical twin astronaut Scott Kelly will live on the International Space Station (ISS) for one year beginning in March 2015. Scientists will observe changes in his genetic expression in the zero-gravity environment compared to that of his brother and fellow astronaut Mark Kelly's while on earth.

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Beyond nature and nurture

The debate still rages over the influence of nature versus nurture on animal and human behavior. In his Perspective, Robinson describes how to finally move past this dichotomy. Increasing knowledge about gene expression and behavior reveals that DNA is both …

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Forty Years of Research on Isolated Galaxies

Isolated galaxies have not been a hot topic over the past four decades. This is partly due to uncertainties about their existence. Are there galaxies isolated enough to be interesting? Do they exist in sufficient numbers to be statistically useful? Most attempts to compile isolated galaxy lists we...

Determining Nature vs. Nurture

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Nature via nurture: Genes, experience, and what makes us human

Editor's note: We published a review by Dorret Boomsma of this book soon after it appeared in 2003 (Twin Research, 6, 240). This new review by Hiram Caton, a historian of ideas, is more by way of a continuing appreciation and is aimed to stir the interest of any readers who …

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Nature vs. Nurture in Discrete Spin Dynamics

The problem of predictability, or "nature vs. nurture", in both ordered and disordered Ising systems following a deep quench from infinite to zero temperature is reviewed. Two questions are addressed. The first deals with the nature of the final state: for an infinite system, does every spin flip ...

Roundup: Nature vs. Nurture

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Genetics and experience: the interplay between nature and nurture.

Abstract In" Genetics and Experience," Plomin examines nurture and nature in terms of their interplay in the development of individual differences. Beginning with a discussion of how contemporary research and theory in genetics and in the environment are moving toward …

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Nature vs. Nurture: Predictability in Low-Temperature Ising Dynamics

None Consider a dynamical many-body system with a random initial state subsequently evolving through stochastic dynamics. What is the relative importance of the initial state ("nature") vs. the realization of the stochastic dynamics ("nurture") in predicting the final state? We examined this questi...

Nature vs. Nurture Revisited

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Nature and Nurture

Much prior research on virtual teams has examined the impact of the features and capabilities of different communication tools (the nature of communication) on team performance. In this paper, we examine how the social structures (ie, genre rules) that …

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Nature vs. nurture: a Bayesian framework for assessing apparent correlations between planetary orbital properties and stellar ages

None Many exoplanets have orbital characteristics quite different from those seen in our own solar system, including planets locked in orbital resonances and planets on orbits that are elliptical or highly inclined from their host star's spin axis. It is debated whether the wide variety in system a...

Nature vs. Nurture in Discrete Spin Dynamics

The problem of predictability, or "nature vs. nurture", in both ordered and disordered Ising systems following a deep quench from infinite to zero temperature is reviewed. Two questions are addressed. The first deals with the nature of the final state: for an infinite system, does every spin flip infinitely often, or does every spin flip only finitely many times, or do some spins flip infinitely often and others finitely often? Once this question is determined, the evolution of the system from its initial state can be studied with attention to the issue of how much information contained in the final state depends on that contained in the initial state, and how much depends on the detailed history of the system. This problem has been addressed both analytically and numerically in several papers, and their main methods, results, and conclusions will be reviewed. The discussion closes with some open problems that remain to be addressed.

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English men of science: Their nature and nurture

I UNDERTOOK the inquiry of which this volume is the result, after reading the recent work of M. de Candolle," in which he analyzes the salient events in the history of two hundred scientific men who have lived during the past two centuries, deducing therefrom many …

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Nature vs. Nurture: The Role of Environmental Resources in Evolutionary Deep Intelligence

Evolutionary deep intelligence synthesizes highly efficient deep neural networks architectures over successive generations. Inspired by the nature versus nurture debate, we propose a study to examine the role of external factors on the network synthesis process by varying the availability of simul...

Nature vs. Nurture: the Making of the Montado Ecosystem

The southern Iberian Peninsula is dominated by a savannah-like ecosystem, the montado, which is a typically Mediterranean cultural adaptation to generally poor productive areas. Montados are exploited for three main uses: forestry, agriculture, and extensive grazing, in proportions that vary according to local conditions (more or less productive land) and historical circumstances. Because these ecosystems occur over a large geographic area (they occupy some 6 million ha), biodiversity would be expected to vary among montados. However, differences in management practices may also influence species distribution. In this paper, we investigate differences in plant and bird species diversity among 60 montados distributed all across southern Portugal. The environmental variables studied included geographical coordinates, climatological data, soil type, and altitude. We also investigated agro-economic variables that could describe human activities at each site: animal husbandry (breeds, stock density, grazing rotati

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Contemporary research on parenting: The case for nature and nurture.

Current findings on parental influences provide more sophisticated and less deterministic explanations than did earlier theory and research on parenting. Contemporary research approaches include (a) behavior-genetic designs, augmented with direct measures of …

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Properties of 513 isolated galaxies in the Local Supercluster

We introduce the first entire-sky catalog of the most isolated nearby galaxies with radial velocities VLG<3500 km/s. This kind of cosmic "orphans" amounts to 4% among all known galaxies within the same velocity range. We describe a criterion of isolation applied to select our sample, the "Local Or...

Nurture vs. nature : The genetics and epigenetics of exercise

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